Aluminum hatches

Blommaert NV


In 1978 Blommaert started designing and manufacturing aluminum hatch covers for the inland shipping industry. Over 35 years later we have grown to become market leader. Today we boast a very extensive range of solutions for the inland shipping industry, mobile covers for land installations and aluminum constructions for the industry.

Slide Hatches:

Blommaert designs and manufactures aluminium slide hatches for bulk carriers and inland vessels. These hatches are all easy to maintain and thanks to their light weight, they can be easily moved manually. Every project is fitted to the measurements of the ship.


Frisian Hatch:

The Frisian hatch is a frequently used hatch cover for inland vessels. It consists of separate custom-made aluminium hatches adjusted to the hold dimensions (from 13' up to 40').


Hatch Cover Cranes:

Blommaert’s hydraulic hatch cover cranes are designed to carefully stack and move our renowned "Friesche Kap" or "Frisian Cap" hatch covers and other stackable hatch covers. This combination is perfect as all elements are perfectly aligned for each project.



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