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Heila Cranes Nederland, specialist in marine and offshore cranes


Heila Cranes Nederland (Heila) supplies standard and custom-built marine and offshore cranes in the Benelux countries, the North European market and recently into the USA and Mexico and cement manipulators worldwide.

The cranes can be supplied with a capacity from 2 up to 4,500 tm and controlled by hydraulics or electronic.

Heila keeps a wide range of cranes in stock, from 2 to 650 tonnes. The cranes are mainly installed on a large variety of vessels.

Heila supplies a complete range of accessories such as winching systems, load readout systems for hoisting and towing winches, hydraulic power units, grabbers and remote controls.
Heila has a strong focus on its after sales service. The company carries out installation, commissioning and  supervision work worldwide. Heila is specialized in overhaul, repair, refurbishing, testing and inspections of cranes in its service center or on location. Critical spare parts and components for cranes are on stock in Waalwijk and to be supplied within 24 hours.

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