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​Firefighting - Ensure safety through experience

Since 1974, Jason has offered a wide range of firefighting solutions for FiFi I, II and III. In addition, the Jason portfolio features telescopic masts, dispersant solutions and tailor-made engineering solutions for our customers.


Jason Engineering is one of the world’s leading heavy firefighting manufacturers with a long history in making high quality products for generations. Today our core focus is providing firefighting and dispersant systems that are tested, manufactured\assembled at our facility in Norway. All key processes are performed at our facility, giving Jason a significant advantage. We are able to deliver on short notice, as well as being more flexible regarding delivery time and support across the world.


We deliver complete solutions to our customers worldwide directly from Jason or through agents. Our main products are fire pumps, telescopic masts, control systems, valves, custom made gears\clutches, electrical motors and firefighting monitors. The monitors are designed to operate in -55 degree Celsius. In short, Jason provides both standard and tailor-made systems.

Jason is also a world leader in manufacturing dispersant systems. We have developed a range of dispersant systems in cooperation with SINTEF. We also provide tailor-made solutions to suit your vessel. The latest system is a fully integrated, hydraulic radio remote controlled X-bow solution.

Jason Engineering provides training, commissioning, service and maintenance through our high-quality service team and agents around the world. We have also established sales offices in China and Italy.

Our spare part division is located in our main facility in Norway, which means faster delivery in close cooperation with the production, design and manufacturing department.

Currently we are developing new and more efficient pumps. Utilizing our strategic location along the river, we have created a test stand to help us achieve precise analyzes of the pumps.

Jason’s highly skilled and experienced sales and engineering team are working closely together to find the ultimate solution for your project.  


All products are of high-end quality, low maintenance requirements, easy operation and built to last,
surveyed and verified by major classification companies at sight.

Jason Engineering AS
Grønland 82
NO-3045 Drammen
Phone: +47 (0) 32 20 45 50
Fax: +47 (0) 32 20 45 60

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