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VDL Klima


VDL Klima develops and manufactures heat exchangers and ventilation systems for various industries and market segments. Engineering and production is seen as an integrated process and found in-house. With our high level of knowledge, 100 years of experience and state of art production technologies, our clients are assured of the optimal solution in terms of heat transfer and ventilation technology. Weather you require customized or serial production, VDL Klima always has the right capacity and knowledge.

VDL Klima is active in the following segments:

- Maritime industries
- Power generation and conversion (conventional and renewable)
- Agriculture and industry
- Innovative solutions

VDL Klima heat exchangers for the Maritime industry are used on ships around the world for the (in)direct cooling of cooling water and lubricating/hydraulic oil for equipment such as engines, motors, generators and transformers. In addition to traditional plate-type heat exchangers, demand is increasing for box coolers and pod drive coolers in this sector.

Box cooler

A box cooler is frequently used to cool main engines, auxiliary engines and generator sets. In these applications the cooler is placed in a ‘sea chest’, allowing sea water to pass directly through the cooler. This configuration can be used to dump heat from a complete on-board cooling circuit or for individual engines.

VDL Klima BV


Meerenakkerweg 30

5652 AV Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Phone: +31 (0) 40 298 18 18
Fax: +31 (0)40 298 18 00



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